For The Kids! A NEW Children’s Vintage Book Bundle

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We're sharing a new children's vintage book bundle for young readers.

For the first time ever we’re launching a wonderful collection of vintage children’s books perfect for families and friends with younger readers. Filled with seven handpicked picture books spanning the 19th century this book bundle is a great way to introduce kids to both new and well-known tales.

What’s inside the children’s vintage book bundle

The Book of Wonderful Characters (1869)

Enjoy this collection of vignettes that tease the imagination with amazing short bios and snippets of characters and creatures, including the man who died at 152 and the woman who lived only on the smell of flowers.

The Baby’s Own Aesop (1908)

A beautifully illustrated book filled with some of the famous storytellers most celebrated fables.

The Accidents of Youth (1819)

Laugh along with this written guide to assist the young with navigating life and avoiding reckless decisions, such as playing with fire or knives, along with other amusing tips to help with making good choices.

The Comic Adventures of Old Dame Trot (1819)

A written rhyme that tells the tale of an old woman and the silly antics of her dog and cat.

The Adventures of Cinderella (1810)

Little introduction is needed for this well-known story, which is lovingly illustrated and written in verse.

Mister Fox (1870)

Black and white artwork accompanies the tale of a fox that attempts to find dinner for his family in this sweet storybook.

The Funny Alphabet (1850)

Contorted cartoons become letters of the alphabet, along with written rhyme to teach juvenile readers the alphabet in this whimsical book.

Download the Vintage Children's Book bundle for free!

How to download Vuze content bundles

If you’ve never used Vuze and want the content bundle, here’s a mini-walkthrough to help get you started. Happy torrenting!

  1. Download and install Vuze or Vuze Leap
  2. Click here to get the bundle
  3. Drag and drop the bundle file into Vuze
  4. You’re done!

Having trouble downloading the bundle or would like assistance with installation? Please visit and our online community and moderators will be happy to assist you.

Photo credit: some of my childhood books via (license)

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