Online Documentary Films About Privacy & Technology, Watch Free

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Online documentary films about privacy and technology that are free to watch.

According to online statistic website Statista, as of 2014, the number of Internet users worldwide was 2.92 billion, up from 2.71 billion in the previous year. With so many people using the web it’s more important now than ever to take online privacy seriously and be aware of how your personal information can be accessed and shared.

To help provide additional perspective about privacy and it’s impact on our lives we’ve sharing a handful of documentary explore the topic in depth. A handful of films that explore how technology and privacy are intertwined are available to watch online for free and we’re happy to share them with you in today’s post.

Panopticon (2012)

Run-time: 57 minutes

Panopticon examines the rise of the surveillance state and how it’s slowly causing our privacy to disappear. Recently, citizens of European countries were asked whether privacy is important and the Dutch say ‘no’ more than any other nation. Panopticon investigates the why behind this mindset.

America’s Surveillance State (2014)

Run-time: 156 minutes

A six-part documentary series, America’s Surveillance State suggests that the notion of privacy has become antiquated in the face of today’s technology compounded with spying, surveillance and online tracking. Additionally, it reviews how U.S. has changed its approach to homeland security and whether that influenced how the NSA became more watchful.

War on Whistleblowers (2013)

Run-time: 68 minutes

Referred to as both crusaders of truth and also as traitors, the role of the whistleblower has gained significant attention after Edward Snowden stepped forward with shocking allegations about government surveillance. In a world where controversial intelligence gathering practices has taken center stage War on Whistleblowers focuses on how our freedoms and privacy may be put at risk without support of public advocates.

Inside the Dark Web (2014)

Run-time: 60 minutes

Inside the Dark Web looks beyond government surveillance and more at corporate and commercial endeavors to track your search queries and Internet pathways in order to gain information about you for advertisers. This documentary is disturbing considering how digital privacy is slowly fading away.

Please note that even though these filmmakers are making their movies available to watch online for free it might not be ok for you to re-distribute their movies. Any mention by us of any content or filmmaker is in support of the copyrights holders, and we discourage copyright infringement.

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