Hacker Shelf, A Free Dev & Programming Ebook Resource

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Developer and programming ebook resource, Hacker Shelf is a great discovery tool.

For developers and programmers who are looking for a better way to save links to free coding, computer language and other ebooks we’ve found a great resource for you. Instead of copying and pasting to spreadsheets or text documents you can curate, save and share your finds and recommendations on Hacker Shelf.

Hacker Shelf is a website that was developed to allow authors and readers to share links to written works where the rightsholders have given permission to distribute the books at no cost to readers.

This clean and easy to navigate website makes it simple to search for books by customized topics and tags or sort by date and popularity. Popular books will show how many ‘shelves’ it’s been saved too throughout the Hacker Shelf community.

In addition, you can click on each ebook link and read a short synopsis about the book, connect to the book’s website for further information and flag the book for abuse. Joining the Hacker Shelf is free and once you’re a member you can submit free non-infringing ebooks that you’ve discovered to help grow the library.

Popular titles at the time this blog post was written include:

Happy reading!

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