VPN – Weekly Content Round-Up

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Weekly content round-up featuring VPN news from around the web.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are one of the better ways that you can help prevent snoopers and hackers from peeping out your private information and search activity, among other things. Knowing what VPNs have you best interest in mind and those that don’t can be challenging to keep up with. Researchers often discover vulnerabilities that can render some VPNs useless. Here’s the latest VPN news that mattered to us this week.

Even with a VPN, open Wi-Fi exposes users

By Larry Seltzer for Ars Technica

Most Internet users understand that utilizing public WiFi can potentially put their hardware and their private information at risk. Using a VPN is important in this case. But, in order to use the VPN you have to connect to the Internet first and in that moment you’re vulnerable.

Quote from the post

“But there is a hole in this protection, and it happens at connect time. The VPN cannot connect until you connect to the Internet, but the VPN connection is not instantaneous. In many, perhaps most public Wi-Fi sites, your Wi-Fi hardware may connect automatically to the network, but you must open a browser to a “captive portal,” which comes from the local router, and attempt to gain access to the Internet beyond. You may have to manually accept a TOS (Terms of Service) agreement first.”


Chinese snoops try tracking VPN users with fiendish JSONP trickery

By John Leyden for The Register

A multi-stage attack aimed at visitors of popular Chinese websites are being targeted despite having protective measures implemented to anonymize who they are.

Quote from the post

“The attacks exploits vulnerabilities in the top Chinese websites, including those run by Baidu and Alibaba, and use cross-site request forgery to expose users accessing restricted sites. These restricted sites have been hacked and booby-trapped with malicious code in order to make the attack work.”


Disconnect Offers a Malware, Adware-Blocking VPN to Protect Your Privacy

By Alan Henry for Lifehacker

A new desktop version of Disconnect offers users a free and pro option that acts as a privacy suite to protect your personal identity and date, but can be upgraded to add a layer of anonymity via its VPN.

Quote from the post

“Disconnect, makers of our favorite privacy tools, unveiled a new desktop app designed to protect your computer from malware, adware, and spyware. There are two tiers: A free version that protects your browsing, and a premium version that encrypts your traffic using Disconnect’s VPN.”


Hola VPN still riddled with security holes, researchers claim

By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day (featured on ZDNet)

News headlines have been tracking Hola VPN and what’s being dubbed as unscrupulous practices regarding its use of selling bandwidth from its free user accounts to power its premium services. Additionally, Hola VPN has become the victim of cyberattacks and several vulnerabilities have been discovered making that raise questions about security and privacy protection.

Quote from the post

“The admission was made following the public complaints of 8chan message board operator Fredrick Brennan, who alleges users of the Hola network have unwittingly been fueling a botnet used to conduct multiple attacks on his website.

Each user of the free service becomes an endpoint for the network, and therein lies the issue — if security flaws exist in Hola’s network, this could then in theory be exploited by attackers who use the botnet for their own ends. Calling Hola “the most unethical VPN I have ever seen,” Brennan says the Luminati botnet consists of over nine million exit nodes.”


Court Orders VPN, TOR & Proxy Advice Site To Be Blocked

By Andy for TorrentFreak

A recent report from the United Nations has encouraged adoption of encryption and anonymity tactics to protect user privacy. However, Russian courts have a different perspective and have ruled that a website, which provides advice on how to use various protective measures is illegal.

Quote from the post

“While there is still much resistance to the practice in the United States, having websites blocked at the ISP level is becoming easier in many other countries around the world.

One country where the process is becoming ever more streamlined is Russia. The country blocks hundreds of websites on many grounds, from copyright infringement to the publication of extremist propaganda, suicide discussion and the promotion of drugs.”

Happy Friday to all!

Photo credit: Watching you via (license)

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