3 Super Web Proxies You Need Now

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Use web proxies to protect your privacy and help with security.

Let’s start with what a web proxy is to help make sense regarding why you need one. Think of a web proxy server as a middle-man with your Internet connection. It’s a point to point connection between you and a remote location on the web that can give an extra layer of privacy protection by acting as intermediary.

For example, let’s say you want to visit a website about cute, fluffy baby chicks. You’d enter the URL and your computer would make an indirect network connection to the web proxy server to make the request and return a cached or un-cached version from the relevant server on behalf of your computer.

People might use a web proxy for many different legitimate, and constitutionally protected reasons. Maybe they’d like to browse anonymously and hide their IP address, or perhaps their household has multiple computers, but only one Internet connection. Or you want to visit a series of websites about a political or social causes or positions that might be unpopular or where you might fear retribution or being stigmatized if there is some connection made between the websites you visited and you. Or maybe you want to bypass internet censorship. Whatever the circumstances might be a web proxy can be helpful with protecting privacy, preserving anonymity and instilling a more efficient environment for multiple users.


Proxify is a popular web proxy service that offers a free three-day trial that you can cancel at any time. To use Proxify beyond the trial you’ll need to choose a paid plan.


NewIPNOw.com features a tiered monthly payment plan that is run through your browser. Instead of downloading and installing software the web proxy host is set through the port in your browser. Easy and quick.


Although Hide.me is actually a full VPN service they also feature a simple free web proxy that you can access online and enter individual URLs for encrypted visits. Dropdown settings let you select you proxy location and whether or not you want to allow cookies, encrypt URLs and pages or remove objects and scripts.

And here’s a handy guide from the EFF.

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