5 Open Source Development Tools

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Open source development tools for your next application.

Frameworks, libraries and languages are just a few of the tools that programmers utilize to get their applications created. While there are plenty of paid options to choose from there’s also a good deal of free, open source development tools that are truly worth considering for anyone who’s looking to curb expenses or want flexibility through custom plugins.


Claiming to be the easiest way to create high-quality APIs, Apigility’s key features include RESTful or RPC services; JSON (specifically, HAL); problem details for HTTP APIs; versioning; normalization and validation; authentication (HTTP Basic/Digest, OAuth2); documentation (HTML, Swagger).


Crypton is a JavaScript framework that lets you build applications where the server won’t know the contents of what’s being stored. The encrypted cloud company Spider Oak owns Crypton and its has been well-reviewed across many prominent tech blogs and publications.


Flight is an even-driven web framework from Twitter that uses a component-based JavaScript to map behavior to DOM nodes. Used by Twitter for their own web applications, you can check out examples of it in use.


Focused on changing the way the world develops for mobile Ionic is a free, open source development tool for creating hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. Ionic uses Angular for a powerful SDK and zeroes in on native mobile development that employs Cordova for quick code drop to get you up and running fast.


JHipster works to unify performance, mobile-front end development and workflow together for powerful modern web app builds. It’s OS independent and continues to be one of the more popular development tools available among community programmers.

We have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors discussed in this blog, and disclaim responsibility for them and their goods and services.  Any free or open source software mentioned in believed to not infringe copyright.

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