Censorship – Weekly Content Round-Up

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Censorship is the topic of this weekly content round-up.

Censorship made wave this week in just about every form of media. From comic books and artwork to forums and mobile apps, censoring continues to have a presence. Here are the headlines that made us sit up and take notice.

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Accused of Censorship in Petition Calling for Her Firing

By Joe Otterson for The Wrap

Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has been at the center of censorship accusations after shutting down several subreddits for inflammatory comments that go against new community guidelines. Reddit users are circulating a petition demanding for her to be fired.

Quote from the post

“Pao faced backlash from Reddit users in June after shutting down five subreddits that were deemed abusive under new community rules set by the company. Users vented their anger almost immediately, comparing Pao to a Nazi and calling the move dictatorial.”

China’s New Cybersecurity Law Sparks Censorship Concerns

By Staff for Phys.org

A draft cybersecurity law in China has ignited concerns over the power to censor citizens and content more broadly than the existing Great Firewall policies that are in place.

Quote from the post

“The ruling Communist Party oversees a vast system—dubbed the Great Firewall—that aggressively blocks sites or snuffs out Internet content and commentary on topics considered sensitive, such as Beijing’s human rights record and criticism of the government.”

Rolling Stones ‘dumbfounded’ at ‘silly’ censorship of risque exhibition poster

By Peter Vincent for The Sydney Morning Herald

Rolling Stones is facing censorship over a recent artwork exhibition that was scheduled to appear in London Underground. Deemed to risque for the public, modified versions of the artwork will be displayed instead.

Quote from the post

“The artwork for the Rolling Stones’ 2016 exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea – which features the band’s tongue logo positioned over the crotch of a woman in a briefs – has been rejected by advertising regulators on behalf of Transport for London, the organisation which runs the London Underground.”

Apple backpedals on Confederate flag censorship

By Staff for CIO.com

Apple attempted to censor all apps and games that featured the Confederate flag, however they’ve since reinstated several after consumer backlash pointed out that several apps and games contained other more offensive items, such as Nazi-related items.

Quote from the post

“This is a rather embarrassing situation for Apple. It started out wielding a massive ban-hammer and now it has been forced by public opinion to try to use a scalpel instead. But the end result just leaves the company with egg on its face and makes it look petty indeed.”

8 Comic Books in Danger of Censorship

By Andy L. Kubai for GeekSnack

A college student calling for a ban on several edgy comic books has sparked debate over free speech and creative interpretation for the writers and illustrators behind them. Several comic books that are in danger of being censored are highlighted for review.

Quote from the post

“So, in the spirit of appreciating daring writers and illustrators who are willing to push boundaries, here are several comics that risked having repercussions for their risqué material.”

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