3 Open Source Web Browser Games

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Fun open source web browser games to play.

If you don’t want to download and install a video game to your computer or purchase yet another bulky game disc then maybe an open source web browser game is for you. Easy to play and simple to launch, web browser games are great alternatives for folks who are looking for a turnkey gaming experience.


With Microsoft’s recent purchase of Minecraft some gamers have been turned off to digging and building in the popular virtual world. Freeminer is an alternative sandbox that’s inspired by Minecraft. The trade-off with Freeminer is that you lose some of the robust Minecraft features (limited block generator) and multiplayer caps at 10. Otherwise, Freeminer is a good substitute.


Another open source inspiration game, Browsmos is modeled off Osmos. Highly addictive and easy to play you are a blob that moves around to absorb other blobs. Try to absorb smaller cells until you become the biggest. Avoid colliding with other big blogss, or they will absorb you!


Open source games that both entertain and educate at the same time are always a homerun. TaskWarload is one of them. Players are taught beginning programming using Lua language. A word of caution, you’ll need to have touch of tech savvy to get the TaskWarload up and running. Follow instructions and you’ll be off without a hitch in not time.


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