Online Privacy – Weekly Content Round-Up

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Online privacy is the focus of our weekly content round-up.

And here we go! The latest headlines about online privacy and what’s happening in the privacy arena from both private and public sectors.

Ten low-tech ways to protect your privacy online

By Harriet Taylor for CNBC

A comprehensive article that highlights 10 very simple ways to protect your online privacy and thwart lurking advertisers from developing digital profiles on you, as well as other sets of prying eyes who want your data.

Quote from the post

“Despite the seemingly endless hack attacks, and a recent Pew study showing that Americans feel powerless to protect themselves against intrusions on their online privacy, few Americans do much in the way of adopting privacy enhancing measures.

But one privacy advocate has some advice: Do it.”

Preserve Anonymity, Stand Up For Domain Privacy

By EFF for EFF

Do you part and sign the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s online petition to appeal to lawmakers in an effort to protect our online privacy.

Quote from the post

“A fundamental tool to protect user privacy online is at stake. ICANN, the governing body that sets policy around Internet domain names, is considering a proposal by Big Content to eliminate privacy around domain name registration. Hollywood wants less privacy so they can take down allegedly infringing sites—but this selfish ask threatens all sorts of Internet users who rely on privacy tools to stay safe.”

Nest, Amazon and their IoT ilk spark privacy concerns

By Zach Miners for PCWorld

Questions about consumer privacy and how IoT devices and products are storing and capturing information from users is under scrutiny.

Quote from the post

“Companies like Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Amazon are being targeted by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a prominent Washington, D.C., nonprofit, over the technologies present in some of their newest audio and visual sensing devices. On Friday, the group asked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice to investigate whether such devices violate federal wiretap and state privacy laws, and whether the devices deceive consumers.

In a letter sent to both agencies, the group takes aim at what it calls “always on” devices and software that listen to users and offer services based on verbal cues or commands or visual signals like movement.”

Emma Watson’s next movie will tackle online privacy

By Maeve McDermott for USA Today

The Circle is a new movie starring Emma Watson and it explores the darker side of how tech and our personal lives are blended together, which can potentially cause problems with online privacy and protecting our personal information.

Quote from the post

“An adaptation of the Dave Eggars novel of the same name, Watson’s heroine goes to work at a massive tech company, discovering the dark side of a society where our online and offline ones are inextricably linked.”

Happy Friday!

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