3 Open Source Mobile Privacy Protection Tools

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Use these open source mobile privacy protection tools to keep tabs on your data. If you own an Android mobile device and have downloaded different apps for it (don’t we all) then you should be concerned about your mobile privacy.

Unfortunately, many apps are able to track you and access personal information without your knowledge.

The average Android user has around 95 applications, which means there’s a strong chance that your mobile privacy may not be well protected. To help prevent downloaded Android apps from pilfering your location or device ID you might want to use one of these open source mobile privacy protection tools.

Privacy Protector

What sets Privacy Protector apart from the other tool mobile protection tools available is that you don’t have to root your Android device in order to use. In addition to preventing data leakage, Privacy Protector can be used as an ad blocker.


At its core, Orbot is a free proxy that enables other apps to securely utilize the Internet via Tor encryption. What you get is a completely private connection that is free from tracking and blocking.

PDroid Privacy Protection

Last, but certainly not least is PDroid. In order to install and utilize you will need to root your Android device. If this isn’t something you’re familiar with we advise that you stay clear of attempting. Reason being is that rooting your device can void your warranty and if not done correctly it can render your smartphone useless.

On the other hand, if you’re familiar with rooting and want mobile protection PDroid is worth a shot. It prevents apps from grabbing your personal information, but still allows those apps to run after denying permissions. Not too bad.

Are there any other mobile privacy protection tools that you use or recommend? Tell us in the comments below.

We have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors discussed in this blog, and disclaim responsibility for them and their goods and services.

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