SQL Training With These 3 Free Online SQL Resources

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Learn SQL free online SQL resources.

When you visit a website you might not think much about what’s going on behind the scenes with it. Perhaps you’ve arrived there to make a purchase, research information or read a blog post, and apart from what you’re being presented with you may not realize that with each click of your mouse or query that you enter there’s a specialized language running on the backend to turn your actions into what you want displayed.

Much of this is possible through SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is a database programming language that works to delete, update and even request information from databases. But, SQL doesn’t happen without the help of folks who understand how to build and write SQL.

Here are a few free online courses we found to help get you started with understanding SQL and how to program SQL.


The SQLZoo site is set up like wiki and it offers free tutorials and SQL basics to get you familiarized with table organization, simple operations and helpful quizzes to test your progress along the way.


SQLCourse recognizes that SQL tutorials don’t have to be complicated. The website allows you to input commands using an online SQL interpreter that returns immediate results. You can create your own bales and perform other functions like selects, inserts and drops too.

SQL Teaching

The SQL Teaching website is about as simple as you can get. It’s a no frills learning site that uses a SQL database engine (slightly different syntax) that you can input commands into and run to test outputs. Clean and easy to navigate SQL Teaching is free to use and explore.

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