Browser Add-Ons for Privacy Protection, Part II

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Install these browser add-ons for privacy protection.

Last week we published a line-up of browser add-ons for privacy protection. We had so much to share that we decided to split our list of privacy goodies into a two-part privacy post. Below are some of the other great privacy protection add-ons for you to check out and use.


Stop other websites from spying on your browser history with SuperCache. Essentially, it’s a Firefox add-on that works in tandem with your cookie settings to protect your privacy and segment your cache.

HTTPS Everywhere

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Tor got together and created HTTPS Everywhere in an effort to encrypt web pages with HTTPS. This is accomplished with a rewrite request and if you’re interested you can contribute by visiting the project in Github’s repository.


Lightbeam works to create a visual that shows you (literally) how each site that you visit interacts with third-party sites. What you get is a big picture look at how your average browsing activity is being tracked and shared with others.


Purge your Internet history and secure your privacy with the Click&Clean add-on. Click&Clean deletes temporary files, purges records and closes open tabs and windows on your desktop to bolster privacy protection.

We have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors discussed in this blog, and disclaim responsibility for them and their goods and services.

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