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Hackr.io is a great place to discover programming tutorials.

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a project and hit a roadblock that’s prevented you from moving forward and then spent the next hour searching the web for help only to come up empty handed—we feel your pain. Truth be told, all of us have probably been there at one time or another. Thankfully, a group of developers have come together to create a website that can address those project hurdles and put you in touch with quick solutions and resources too.

Hackr.io is a website that features free programming tutorials and online courses for just about any programming language, software and platform. There are tutorials for Backbone.js, Adobe Illustrator, CakePHP, Ember.js and many, many more.

Tutorials come in a variety of media forms. You can search for free online ebooks, free videos and free online courses that organized alphabetically by subject. Additionally, if you’ve got a tutorial that you’d like to share you can submit one to Hack.io and help build up community resources.

Apart from looking up programing tutorials or submitting them, Hackr.io is also interactive. By joining the Hackr.io site you can vote up or down your favorite tutorials to help other members find and connect with the best.

Hackr.io is a free online resource and a great place to bookmark and visit when you need a helping hand.

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