Get Involved With Imaginary – Open Mathematics Project

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Imaginary's open mathematics project is a great way to contribute to the science of math.

The subject of mathematics is vast and complex, but it’s also a science that can be applied to just about anything in existence. By combining logic and abstracts you can make predictions about nature or study the motions and shapes of physical objects and so much more.

If you’re a self-proclaimed math-geek, a math aficionado or a math student you should explore Imaginary. Imaginary is a platform for open and interactive mathematics. It features an array of different types of creative commons licensed content that have been contributed for others to use at school, home or any type of media activity.

The idea behind Imaginary is based on community involvement. An open call for mathematic submissions is ongoing and anyone can participate. Some of the programs that users have created include tsunamath (the math behind oceanic waves and evolving ocean topography), formula morph (exploration of algebraic surfaces based on adjustments of different instruments) and SURFER (mathematical relationships between formulas and forms that produce beautiful art forms).

Imaginary has tons of interactive information and exhibits too. The Hands-On section offers puzzles and games that you can play with to challenge your math skills. Plus it includes technical drawings and accompanying requirements so that you build physical elements to use for further mathematical exploration.

Visit the website to learn more about contributing or upcoming Imaginary events.

We have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors discussed in this blog, and disclaim responsibility for them and their goods and services.

Photo credit: Compound of 5 dodecahedra via (license)

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