Mini-Heatwave Music Bundle From Bands Under The Radar Has Arrived

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We’ve got some exciting new for our Vuze blog readers! Bands Under The Radar (BUTR) is back with a brand new music bundle. This free mini-bundle is a great way to meet some of the rising indie rockers and their kick-ass music.

Featured indie artists in Mini-Heatwave music bundle

Based in Nashville, young singer/songwriter Shannon LaBrie has received impressive reviews praising her soulful vocals and naming her a favorite artist who has been compared to Carole King. Since LaBrie’s debut album, Just Be Honest, debuted in the Top Ten of iTunes’ Singer/Songwriter chart in February 2013, the performer continues to regularly release new music. Visit her website to learn more.

Next up are High Dive Heart comprised of husband and wife duo Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy. Reeves is an award-winning multi-platinum singer/songwriter who’s collaborated with other well-known music artists, including Colbie Caillat and American Idol’s Katherine McPhee. Nelly Joy makes up one half of the American Country Music nominated country group JaneDear Girls and she’s performed with country music legends Blake Shelton, Brad Paisely and others.

Together Reeves’ and Joy’s High Dive Heart blends a bit of sugar pop with wholesome country to create a unique, catchy sound that fans can’t seem to get enough of. Check out their website to discover more.

Rounding out BUTR’s Mini-Heatwave music bundle is Annie Bosko. A California native, Bosko has been taking the country music industry by storm. She’s shared the stage with famous musicians Adele, Josh Groban, The Fray and more. Bosko’s powerful and beautiful vocals have been put to use on a Disney soundtrack when she was 14 years old and have continued to belt out country songs ever since.

Producer, music mogul and gifted songwriter David Foster shares, “Annie is a triple threat. Her songwriting has come alive, her performances are riveting and the voice is even better (if that’s even possible). I am so proud of what she has accomplished and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings.”

Listen to Bosko and hear for yourself. Impressive is an understatement.

Who’s inside the BUTR Mini-Heatwave free music bundle

  • Annie Bosko – 4th of July
  • Annie Bosko — Coastin’ (feat. High Dive Heart)
  • High Dive Heart — Vintage
  • High Dive Heart — Death of Me
  • Shannon LaBrie — Half of It
  • Shannon LaBrie — Alcohol

Click and enjoy! Download BUTR’s Mini-Heatwave free music bundle here!

Download Bands Under The Radar's new Mini-Heatwave music bundle for free!

How to download Vuze content bundles

If you’ve never used Vuze and want the content bundle, here’s a helpful walkthrough to get you started. Happy torrenting!

  1. Download and install Vuze or Vuze Leap
  2. Click here to get the bundle
  3. Drag and drop the bundle file into Vuze
  4. You’re done!

Having trouble downloading the bundle or would like assistance with installation? Please visit and our online community and moderators will be happy to assist you.

All rightsholders in this bundle have authorized their work for distribution via Vuze.

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