ProxyGambit – A Privacy Device With Promise

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ProxyGambit is a privacy device that shows promise and protection of your online info.

In a quest for better online privacy developers continue to explore new ways to build better methods to preserve online anonymity and protect privacy. One such project, ProxyHam made headlines for showing potential in privacy protection. However, as quickly as privacy advocates rallied to support ProxyHam it suddenly disappeared without much explanation.

Fortunately, serial hacker Samy Kamkar has decided to fill that void and devise a way for people to access the Internet from anywhere on the planet without having to reveal their IP address. It’s called ProxyGambit.

ProxyGambit is a device that includes several pieces of hardware, such as a Raspberry PI, an ATmega328 Arduino device, Adafruit FONA GSM board and 3.7 Lithium-Ion battery, among a few other components.

The ProxyGambit features a high-speed radio link with an impressive range up to six miles away. It uses a reverse-tunneled GSM bridge to connect the Internet. Although the ProxyGambit hasn’t been fully tested, the concept that it offers in terms of anonymity and privacy shows incredible promise.

Get the code from Github or check out the Linux image for more information.

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Photo credit: Privacy via (license)

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