More Control of Your Bandwidth

All of us at Vuze love speed, but sometimes you need to throttle it back a little, so with this release 4.9 we give you even more control of your bandwidth. We’ve added functionality to […]


Who Wants SOCKS?!

This year Vuze is spreading some holiday joy with updates to its SOCKS proxy support along with some other network connection updates with the release of Let’s start with SOCKS. We vastly improved support […]


Independent Artists on the Way

Here at Vuze we love experiencing and discovering new and longtime independent artists of all types, without infringing upon their copyrights, and we hope you do too! Soon we will be exposing some fantastic independent […]


Introducing Swarm Discovery™

Countless torrent files spanning an ever-growing spectrum of content make it increasingly difficult for people using other bittorrent apps to cut through the noise find new content that they’ll enjoy and be informed by. Enter […]


Your Top Vuze Votes Implemented in 4.7.2

First off, thank you to all the users who submitted ideas to and cast votes on Vote for Vuze!, our feature request forum. We’ve received tons of great ideas, and we’ve been listening! Today, not even […]


What Should We Build Next?

A product isn’t worthwhile if it doesn’t meet the needs of its users. We’ve always developed Vuze with this in mind – getting feedback and recommendations from you, our users, as often as we could […]