Online Privacy – Weekly Content Round-Up

And here we go! The latest headlines about online privacy and what’s happening in the privacy arena from both private and public sectors. Ten low-tech ways to protect your privacy online By Harriet Taylor for […]


3 Open Source Web Browser Games

If you don’t want to download and install a video game to your computer or purchase yet another bulky game disc then maybe an open source web browser game is for you. Easy to play […]


Griggi, A Global WiFi Sharing System

If you’ve ever traveled abroad or just been out-and-about looking for a safe and secure public WiFi you’re not alone. With cyber crime on the rise knowing who or what you’re connecting to can raise […]


Mattermost: Open source, Slack-alternative

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve most likely heard the media buzzing about the office messaging app called Slack. Slack has taken Silicon Valley by storm and has drastically changed the way that […]


Frizbee: Your New Democratic Decentralized Social Site

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram—just a few of the mainstream social media sites that are used by the masses. So, sharing yet another social media platform is about as appealing as asking for another hole in […]


Censorship – Weekly Content Round-Up

Censorship made wave this week in just about every form of media. From comic books and artwork to forums and mobile apps, censoring continues to have a presence. Here are the headlines that made us […]