For The Kids! A NEW Children’s Vintage Book Bundle

For the first time ever we’re launching a wonderful collection of vintage children’s books perfect for families and friends with younger readers. Filled with seven handpicked picture books spanning the 19th century this book bundle […]


Fantasy Ebook Kick Available As Free Download

You might not be familiar with author John L. Monk, but after you read his free fantasy ebook Kick we’re pretty sure you’ll talking him up with other bookworms. Based in Virginia, Monk has concocted […]


First Jack Randall Thriller Ebook Closure Is Free

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Check Out Free Fiction Short Story The Deed Of The Monkeys

Based in Montreal, author Shayna Krishnasamy is sharing a free fictional story download of The Deed of the Monkeys with readers. Krishnasamy is a matter-of-fact writer who doesn’t shy away from sharing personal truths about […]


Suspense Ebook Sara’s Game Is A Free Read

Finding a good mystery, thriller or whatever you want to call the genre just got a little easier thanks to USA Today bestselling author Ernie Lindsey. A native-Virginian, Lindsey has concocted a three-part story that’s […]


Sci-Fi Ebook Timeshock Available As Free Download

  London-based author Timothy Michael Lewis didn’t begin with writing, but he’s ended up in this profession after the tragic passing of his wife. Lewis took stock of what mattered most to him and he […]