Author Bennett Gavrish Shares Funny, Thriller Novel For Free

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to reveal this week’s free ebook for all of our polymath-ites and bookworms. Indie author and tech professional Bennett Gavrish is sharing his humorous, mystery novel Train Wreck that […]


Free Fantasy Ebook The King’s Sword Is Worth Reading

Today’s free ebook download comes from Georgia-native and author C.J. Brightley. Her short novella The King’s Sword is best described as an epic fantasy about two unlikely characters, a pampered prince and disillusioned soldier, coming […]


Free YA Ebook Tackles A Dystopian Future For Teenagers

Dystopian YA books continue to be a trending genre among readers young and old. Throw in a post-apocalyptic plot and sprinkle in some human survivors and you’ve got a recipe for what everyone is reading. […]


Meet Indie Author Toni Dwiggins & Her Quicksilver Ebook

Author Toni Dwiggins’ Forensic Geology ebook series is very different from a format and standard that reading audiences have come to know. Dwiggins writes mystery thrillers that incorporate forensics like other crime-solving novels will, however, […]


Keep Your Favorite Tweets Private With FavGuard

Last month, you may have noticed that Twitter began sharing your personal favorite tweets with the rest of the twitosphere by injecting them into the newsfeeds of fellow tweeps. Depending on whether you’re a shout-it-from-the-mountain-tops […]