Hip-Hop Meets Classic Soul In mtbrd’s Fresh Music

Hip-hop mixed with classic soul makes for a delicious summer soundtrack from musician mtbrd. From the United Kingdom, composer Mat Beard gives new meaning to the word fresh music in that it’s not just hype. […]


Free Alternative Music Sampler From OC Band Kiev

An alternative rock band from Orange County, California, Kiev’s music is an unexpected surprise of musical layers and lyrics that hold your interest long after the song is done. Kiev is more of an experimental […]


Get A Folk Music Download From Stella Stagecoach

Stagecoach Stella is a music group formed by brothers Matthew and Tim Morgan. With a penchant for travel, movies and song the brothers developed the band to create instrumental pieces for various movie projects that […]


Listen To Electronic Pop Music From Pilgrim

Singer-songwriter Josh White is the creative force behind Pilgrim an electronic pop style of music with gospel and Christian influences. The result is an unexpected, hipster collection of tracks that are poetic and moving while […]