Read The Free Thriller Ebook Seven Days From Sunday

Summer’s almost over, but it’s not too late to catch up with a good read, not to mention a free read. Author M.H. Sargent’s thriller Seven Days From Sunday is a fast-paced thriller involving an […]


Read Keith Deininger’s Free Ebook For An Email

Keith Deininger is a longtime dark fantasy author that is a must-add to your author line-up. He began writing at a young age and was inspired to continue the craft when he won first place […]


Brian Harmon’s Free Novel Rushed Is Here

Brian Harmon’s novel Rushed is a dark adventure that fans of the horror genre will find refreshing. An independent author with a fresh take on the macabre, Harmon tends to craft stories about fictitious, original […]


Horror Writer Michael Robertson Shares Free Ebook

Up and coming English horror writer Michael Robertson’s novel Crash is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic thrill ride that examines the decay of society. The gruesome and savage nature lurking within humans fighting for survival is displayed […]


The Piracy Crusade Free Book Bundle Is Here

Rutgers University professor Aram Sinnreich’s book The Piracy Crusade: How the Music Industry’s War on Sharing Destroys Markets and Erodes Civil Liberties examines how the post-Napster era music industry has pushed for laws that enable […]


Download Run By Paranormal Author Patti Larsen

If you’re a fan of creepy fantasy then young adult and paranormal author Patti Larsen might be your next new favorite writer. An award-winning novelist, Larsen has is passionate about weaving fictional tales that feel […]