Whiteout Mail, Open Source Email Privacy With End To End Encryption

German-based company Whiteout Mail aims to deliver an email client with cross-platform technology, secure and connected to OpenPGP for effortless, safe communication. Whiteout Mail describes itself as a blend of Thunderbird, Enigmail and GPG rolled […]


ReVault Is Your Own Wearable Private Cloud

Privacy is and should be a concern for anyone who uses a smartphone, accesses the Internet or maintains personal information in a digital or online format. Protecting your personal data and preserving your identity are […]


A Tracking Device For Your Belongings

With spring and summer just around the corner many of us will begin planning for warm weather travel in the next few months. For some, getting away involves navigating airports and wrangling unexpected hiccups with […]


Cool Personal Server Helps Protect Your Privacy & Files

When it comes to cloud storage there are plenty of different service providers to choose from. Some offer free solutions, others are paid and depending on extra features that you’re craving there’s plenty of those […]