Privacy Infographics You Need To See

Lots of us talk about it, but how many actually implement it. We’re talking about online privacy protection. Protecting your online privacy has become one of the most important things that you can do to […]


Net Neutrality – Weekly Content Round-Up

The debate surrounding net neutrality continues and just because there’s been a minor win for Internet users it doesn’t mean that all is good and well in the world of free web access. Current news […]


Online Privacy – Weekly Content Round-Up

Call it an Orwellian-reality or label it the Snowden-effect, online privacy has become a concerning issue among the masses. Whether you’re worried about being tracked via web cookies or wondering if your online email under surveillance […]


Online DOS Games Available For Play On Internet Archive

Long before Oculus Rift and MMORPG games existed and way before high-quality graphic cards and roaring sound effects were around there was another type of game genre. DOS. And depending on your age (hello, early […]


Safeplug Brings Anonymous Web Browsing To Your Home

Even though Tor (The Onion Router) has come under fire for not being nearly as hack-proof as it was previous touted it continues to remain a popular alternative for anonymous web browsing. When it comes […]


Internet Freedom With Lantern The P2P Anti-Censorship Tool

Imagine living in a place where your access to information was banned, altered or edited, in other words censored. Sadly, many countries prevent their own citizens from speaking freely or reading or reporting fact-based news. […]


The Truth About Tor & What You Need To Know

Sometimes referred to as the Deepnet, Invisible Web or Hidden Web, the Deep Web is actually part of the Internet that isn’t indexed by search engines. Because the Deep Web isn’t cataloged and because most […]