Forget The NSA. Burglars Are Watching Your Social Shares

While it’s certainly true that we talk a lot about safeguarding your privacy and free speech rights the importance of digital security there’s another data prowler to be concerned with. It’s not the FBI, CIA […]


4 Email Encryption Services To NSA-Proof Your Email

Before Edward Snowden’s revelations about mass surveillance and its impact on privacy most of us didn’t pay much attention to the Government’s watchful eyes. Flash forward to 2014 and there’s been a dramatic shift in […]


Edward Snowden Timeline Infographic From Past To Present

Labeled a traitor by some and a hero by others, Edward Snowden has become synonymous with leaking NSA documents to the news media that reveal disturbing details connected to domestic spy programs and a trove […]


Stop Watching Us

United States Civil Liberties Groups, Internet Companies, and Citizens Demand an End to NSA Spying. Join them. The recent revelations about the National Security Agency’s surveillance apparatus, including using data from non-governmental business entities, if […]