Browser Add-Ons for Privacy Protection, Part II

Last week we published a line-up of browser add-ons for privacy protection. We had so much to share that we decided to split our list of privacy goodies into a two-part privacy post. Below are […]


Browser Add-Ons for Privacy Protection, Part I

One of the great things about web browsers is that they give users the ability to tailor them to fit their needs. You can add custom themes to dress up their appearance or install alerts […]


5 Steps To Start Your Open Source Project

One of the great things about Vuze is that the free version of the torrent software is open source, which means that coders and devs have an opportunity to build out Vuze-related technology to make […]


Vuze Plugins To Customize Your Vuze Desktop Client

Long time Vuze Bittorrent Client users (and hopefully new users too) know that our torrent desktop software is open source. But, did you also know that there aret more than 100 unique plugins that you […]


15 Firefox Add-Ons To Customize Your Browsing Experience

Firefox’s developer community is not only incredibly active when it comes to creating new add-ons for your browser, but also pretty creative too. There are countless extensions available to customize your browser and they cover […]