PrivacyHawk App Tracks Other App Permissions For You

Smartphone apps can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, they help us with productivity, social sharing and communication, but sometimes they have access to more of our private information than we’d like. Think about […]


Whiteout Mail, Open Source Email Privacy With End To End Encryption

German-based company Whiteout Mail aims to deliver an email client with cross-platform technology, secure and connected to OpenPGP for effortless, safe communication. Whiteout Mail describes itself as a blend of Thunderbird, Enigmail and GPG rolled […]


Privacy Tools You Need To Use Now

Protecting your privacy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, many excellent tools that focus on privacy protection are open source and free to use. So, get a leg up on privacy protection […]


Mailpile – An Open Source, Encrypted Email Client

Privacy and anonymity are two of our favorite topics of discussion on the Vuze Blog. Whenever possible we strive to bring you news about the latest products, tools and services that can help protect your […]


Privacy – Weekly Content Round-Up

We’re sharing a collection of news headlines about the important subject of privacy. Here’s what made us sit up and take notice. Iris Scans: Security Breakthrough Or Privacy Invasion? By David Wagner for InformationWeek According to […]


3 New Open Source Secure Communication Projects

It’s open source time! We’ve prowled the web to find a collection of new open source secure communication projects for you to download, integrate and explore. All of these projects make it possible for you […]