Browser Add-Ons for Privacy Protection, Part I

One of the great things about web browsers is that they give users the ability to tailor them to fit their needs. You can add custom themes to dress up their appearance or install alerts […]


ReVault Is Your Own Wearable Private Cloud

Privacy is and should be a concern for anyone who uses a smartphone, accesses the Internet or maintains personal information in a digital or online format. Protecting your personal data and preserving your identity are […]


Transform A Raspberry Pi Into A Private VPN

Is there anything that a Raspberry Pi can’t do? There just seems to be no limitations to what a little creativity and a Raspberry Pi can accomplish. One of the most recent DIY Raspberry Pi […]


Free Speech – Weekly Content Round-Up

The right to communicate opinion and ideas isn’t afforded to everyone. Some countries heavily censor what people share and say. Free speech is an important and fundamental part of democracy. Whether some abuse the right […]


Keep Your Favorite Tweets Private With FavGuard

Last month, you may have noticed that Twitter began sharing your personal favorite tweets with the rest of the twitosphere by injecting them into the newsfeeds of fellow tweeps. Depending on whether you’re a shout-it-from-the-mountain-tops […]