Whiteout Mail, Open Source Email Privacy With End To End Encryption

German-based company Whiteout Mail aims to deliver an email client with cross-platform technology, secure and connected to OpenPGP for effortless, safe communication. Whiteout Mail describes itself as a blend of Thunderbird, Enigmail and GPG rolled […]


Mailpile – An Open Source, Encrypted Email Client

Privacy and anonymity are two of our favorite topics of discussion on the Vuze Blog. Whenever possible we strive to bring you news about the latest products, tools and services that can help protect your […]


ReVault Is Your Own Wearable Private Cloud

Privacy is and should be a concern for anyone who uses a smartphone, accesses the Internet or maintains personal information in a digital or online format. Protecting your personal data and preserving your identity are […]


WiFi Your Home With Eero

Our home networks and WiFi set-up have become increasingly more important. Being able to access the Internet for school projects or preparing presentations for work and accessing your favorite streaming services requires a stable and […]


Blade Universal Tablet Lock Can Secure Devices

In a device driven world where we’re all digitally connected to one another it’s nearly impossible to imagine life without a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Chances are you own one some or all of these […]